Ecollar Training

Basic Obedience

Ecollar training provides off leash freedom for your dog and peace of mind for you! 

Do you have an ecollar but have been afraid to use it? Are you interested in ecollar training, but haven’t jumped in? Are you a seasoned pro, but feel there is always something more to learn? 

Then this video series is right for you! 

Robin’s step by step approach is easy to understand and easy to replicate. Her expertise as an instructor shines through in this series as she demonstrates how take an unruly dog from zero training through being off leash ready in a few short weeks!

Robin’s approach to Ecollar training takes the guess work out of using the tool properly. Not only will you be more comfortable communicating effectively with your dog, but your dog will love the training process! This system is fair, fun and allows more reliability and freedom as a result! 

Get Started

Here's what you'll get in Robin's Ecollar Training course

  • Over 5 hours of training video demonstrated with 3 shelter dogs of varying personality. These dogs had no known previous training before starting this program. 
  • Video is raw footage, not edited to show finished dogs. You will see Robin problem solving in real time. This is invaluable to your success as videos that make it look “too easy” don’t do justice to the work involved in having a well trained dog. 
  • Video includes not only Robin’s verbal instruction to understand the concepts, but also active, on screen, Visual and Audio cues so you know exactly when Robin is using the ecollar.
  • Access to Robin’s newsletter
  • Email access to Robin for questions or further assistance. 

Start today and learn

  • How to use the ecollar in a way that gets your dog’s attention without overwhelming or causing discomfort. 

  •  How to build a strong and reliable recall so you can have fun with your dog off leash.

  •  The difference between momentary and continuous stimulation, and the value of each to a good training program. 

  • How to teach basic obedience skills, including: Come, Heel, Place, Sit & Down. 

  • The value of using body language, leash guidance, toys and treats to build a well rounded training program.

  •  How to teach your dog basic manners such as no jumping on people, learning to wait at a door, and understanding a Leave it command.

  •  To tug and play other games with your dog to improve behavior and build a strong relationship with your dog. 

  • How to proof your dog’s reliability around high levels of distraction.

  •  When the process of going from on leash training to off leash so your dog can enjoy greater freedom safely! 

  •  Avoid your dog from becoming collar wise. 

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