Ecollar Training

Basic Obedience

Ecollar training provides off-leash freedom for your dog and peace of mind for you!

Have you tried other training techniques and haven’t gotten the results you want? Are you thinking about purchasing an ecollar but you’re uncertain if it will work for your dog? Or maybe you have an ecollar but you’ve been afraid to use it?

If you answered yes to these questions, you are in the right place! 

This online course was created for pet owners that want to improve their dog's training without sacrificing a great relationship with their companion. It’s also a great resource for pet training professionals who want reassurance and increased confidence that the ecollar training they’re providing clients is easy to understand and doesn’t compromise the human-canine bond.

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Why Robin’s E-collar training program is Just-RightTM for you.

Off-leash Training

In a few short weeks, you can have a reliable recall.

Because being able to be off leash = WAY more fun for your dog.

Plus, having your dog ecollar trained means more safety and peace of mind for you when your pup is romping off leash!



Reliable Obedience 

This course covers the basic obedience skills: Come, Sit, Down, Place, and Heel.

The best part? Your dog will be able to listen and do those skills even when there are lots of distractions around! 

The video series also demonstrates how to teach Quiet, Leave it, Drop, Off, and Wait. 

Better Manners

Fix jumping, pulling on leash, door bolting, counter-surfing, and so much more!

You won't have to “lock the dog in the bedroom” when guests arrive or “leave Fido at the kennel” because he's too naughty to travel with you.

A better-behaved dog means you can enjoy more time together!



Through Robin’s Just Right™ training approach, you will discover why e-collar training is a superb choice for dogs of all temperaments, and just how gentle ecollar training can be!

These techniques work equally well whether your dog is timid and anxious or determined and strong-willed. When you can communicate more clearly, the relationship with your dog blossoms!

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Here's what you'll get in Robin's Ecollar Training course

Over 5 hours of training video

Robin teaches you the process she used to transform three shelter dogs from unruly, pulling on the leash, barking, and lunging into well-mannered and behaving politely in public spaces. 

These dogs had no known training history before starting the ecollar work. The training was filmed each day over the course of three weeks. 

With a bit of time and commitment, you can transform your dog in the same way! 

Raw Footage

This video series shows raw footage, not special editing using finished dogs. You will see the challenges of each dog and watch Robin as she problem-solves (and explains what she is doing) in real time!

This is invaluable to your success! Too often other training material makes it look easy or leaves out important details. 

Robin teaches you how to fix real problems in a fraction of the time that other methods take.  

Supports Various Learning Styles

The videos include not only Robin’s verbal instruction to understand the concepts but also active, on-screen Visual and Audio cues. This is critical so you know exactly when and how the ecollar is being used.

Important sequences are highlighted to stand out via slow motion and black/white footage. 

The information is presented in a variety of ways so that it helps YOU learn and master the concepts!

Continued Support and Education

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Email access to Robin for questions or further assistance.

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