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Puppy Preschool

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Want to have a puppy that grows up to be a great dog? Then don't wait. Start training now!

The early weeks of a puppy’s development are so important if you want your adult dog to end up well behaved and polite. This course will help you do things correctly now, so you won't pay the price later! Every lesson is broken down into simple steps with both video tutorials and written instructions. Easy homework activities are included so you can make training fun and incorporate it into your lifestyle. No need to spend hours each day trying to squeeze in practice time! Plus, you can connected directly to Robin and her team for any questions you may encounter throughout the course.

Watch the Puppy Preschool introduction video on YouTube.

Here's what you'll get in Robin's Puppy Preschool course

  • Nearly 5 hours of video content
  • Detailed written information to expand on what is seen in each video
  • Downloadable PDFs for housebreaking, training tips and homework tracking
  • Email access to Robin if you have questions
  • Access to Robin's newsletter for more training ideas

Start today and learn

  • How to effectively deal with puppy biting.
  • The best housebreaking advice.
  • How to help your pup to be calm and quiet in a crate.
  • Fun and easy ways to build confidence so your pup can better handle stress in adulthood
  • Teach your pup to tolerate and enjoy grooming.
  • How to avoid resource guarding  behavior from developing.
  • What proper play and greeting skills with other dogs should look like.
  • How to get your pup to willingly let go of items.
  • Teach your pup to relax and lay calmly at your feet.
  • What are the right type of toys for puppies and what should be avoided.
  • What to expect as your pup matures and goes into adolescence.
  • Healthy lifestyle and first aid advice.
  • Plus much more!!

After purchase, you will have unlimited access to the course for the next 6 months.

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What People Are Saying:

I loved the puppy course! I will be recommending it to all my clients with puppies. Thank you!

Amber Marino

This Puppy Preschool Program was a great learning experience for Moxie and us! The program and videos were easy to follow and use and the “homework” assignments related well to the video and helped our children get involved in the training process. Robin was very responsive and helpful when we emailed with questions. Thank you Robin!

Kelly Fox

This is a great course that provides clear and concise information on raising a puppy. The videos are extremely well done and provide easy to follow content. I highly recommend this course for both new and experienced puppy owners.

Sheila Schneider

We have sent several pup/foster teams through Robin’s puppy preschool and will not let a puppy leave us without this toolkit. The results speak for themselves! These puppies have grown into stable, happy dogs, who are eager to learn with their humans.

Kat Marner, Director, Secondhand Soulmates Rescue