Puppy Training

New puppies are a lot of fun but they are also a lot of work! 

If you are frustrated with your puppy’s non-stop chewing, play-biting, and peeing in the house, you’re in the right place. Puppy Preschool is perfect for pet owners that want to do all they can to start out right in raising their ideal companion.

If you’ve been unable to sleep because your new pup has a hard time settling in the crate or sleeping through the night, Robin covers this too!

The time to start your puppy's education is now! This course is ideal for puppies that are between two and five months old.

Starting out with the right education means saving time, money and heartache by avoiding critical mistakes that are hard to fix later in the dog’s life. 

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Start today and learn

  • How to keep your puppy safe, keep your possessions from being damaged and minimize stress by teaching your puppy to love spending time in his crate.
  • Five simple steps for housebreaking success!
  • That brushing, bathing and nail trims don’t need to cause dread. You can set yourself up for having a dog that tolerates and even enjoys being groomed!
  • How to start teaching your puppy to sit, lay down, walk nicely on leash and come when called!
  • How to encourage your pup to willingly bring and give things to you, rather than grab, clench and run away!
  • How to build a relationship based on mutual trust and respect that dramatically reduces the potential for resource guarding problems.
  • The blueprint for building a healthy bond with your new puppy. Doing things correctly while they are young means you can avoid having separation anxiety problems with your dog later in life.
  • Robin’s ridiculously easy way to teach a puppy to settle and lay down nicely at your feet. This skill will carry over into adulthood so that it is much easier to take your dog with you to an outdoor cafe or other dog friendly location.

Here's what you'll get:

  • Nearly 5 hours of video content
  • Detailed written information to expand on what is seen in each video
  • Downloadable PDFs for housebreaking, training tips and homework tracking
  • Email access to Robin if you have questions
  • Robin's newsletter with other useful dog training tips.
  • Six months of unlimited access to all materials so you can review as often as needed while you raise your pup through this critical time period. 
  • Access to the private All Things Puppy! group for contact and support with fellow puppy owners. (Access will end at the conclusion of your six-month course subscription period)

⬅️ Watch the video to meet Robin and learn more.

The clock is ticking on your pups early education. Start now to avoid problems later!

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